Between Circles and Their Curves


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released January 24, 2013

Tracked by Kevin Dye of Gates
Track 7 Ft. Jason Sevlaggio of The Best of The Worst
Album Artwork by Patrick Skolsky



all rights reserved


MARLONEISHA New Brunswick, New Jersey


Gabriel Diaz

Joe Scala

Alex Link

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Track Name: Brookside and Louis
Save the end for the ride home.
I'll pretend you're my ride home.

...but they'll never listen
and we'll never say...

Another second chance, I'll make those mistakes again.
I am a victim of my own ambition.
(second, second chances)

The math is simple, measure the distances.
Embrace discomfort, find out just what life is.
The math is simple, measure the distances.
Reclaim the balance, erase our differences


Time stands still when we can think about
How we fit, between the seams of the puzzle
Track Name: The Best Thrill
Well I'd grasp to anything as long as the favor to
never give up stays
The heart of the fable was always the love weighed
As long as the favor to never give up stays
We all are endangered

Blaim yourself
Claim yourself
Save yourself

Don't wait for it's punishment
Count on this countenance

...and everyday I regret where I used to be
Some days seem like forever
As seconds fade, thoughts drown in daunting
As bury my last breath... I wonder.

The first time I tried looking back
I fell ill and froze still
In record time I changed my mind
The first step was more than a tread
I've felt will, the best thrill
and now I'm fine. I'm never looking there.
Track Name: Arms Like Branches
Why can’t we see the clues?
Not everything realized must be true.

Before the start of this
There was a plan for bliss
And now we cannot risk
That door being shut

These thoughts control this fate
Mind hate, eradicate.
I am the one.

With one breath I stretch into my chest
(my chest)

Treason for a reason

Find truth in summer’s roots
Fight dissillusion
Track Name: Vanity Affair
I'm a witness to
the deceit and the dead
and their victims too.

Destined, trees agree
Obliged in ecstasy
The leaves intrigue the eyes
To them there's no surprise

There she goes again
Ripping through my skin

Good wealth? She would ask to feel better!
Brain Belch. My words are now letters!

The winter is warm
brace yourself.
The winter’s warm
(Bland face)
but keep your shirt on.
Track Name: The Absence of Compassion
Waiting for the answers will only lead to disaster.
Spoon fed your destiny.



That's the fucking price you'll pay.
Today's the day your heart is weighed.

Never looking back on your weakness.
Never looking back on your ignorance.
And I can’t say I’m proud of this race.
Track Name: Monsters
Just when you think you're alone
The walls come crashing in
So fire away

Take your best shot,
Is that all you've got?

Face to face
Yea their claws grasp so tight
It strains all your faith out

Vibrations entangled, Between the air
Sensations newfangled, Between the air

You think that you're evil I bet,
but you can't even wake the dead.
Track Name: Between Circles and Their Curves
The flow creates the feel between circles and their curves
The wheel of karma could be the best in reverse
Ideal ideas get the best of me

Place your bets
Face regret

Why can't I turn back time?
Erase the mistakes that rot in my mind
Watch them hang over me just like the stars.
Mental scars. Social anxiety.
These veins burst under pressure
I resort to the flame

Take second chances to be heard
Take second changes to be yourself

Deep within roots of ancestral embodiment
Our leaves will point to the sun
And as our stems strengthen.... We are one.

Say everything's fine
Replace dimensions of time

Just as long as you listen, The world will come undone.
Track Name: A Wander Without...
Where were you when I was lost?
Still I remember everything
Three seconds from giving up
Still I still strive to give everything